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IONet Workflow

The challenge: simplify workflow integration

Notes applications often implement some form of workflow, whether it’s sending a document to another user for approval, or waiting for a dependant process to complete.

Because applications often get written by different individuals over a period of many years, this workflow is usually implemented in varying ways.

The complexity and individuality of each application workflow means developers spend a lot of time learning, maintaining and updating the applications, and users have to learn how each different application works

Our approach

The Workflow Manager is a document-based workflow engine that you can plug into any Notes/Domino application to provide its workflow. It provides a consistent, easy-to-use workflow methodology across all your applications, meaning easier management for developers and faster uptake by users. This results in an increase in application efficiency.


The IONET Workflow Manager provides a consistent, document-based & centralised workflow management system that you can re-use over and over again, meaning easier implementation & management for developers, and quicker uptake by users. You can migrate your existing systems to it, or just use it for new development. The Workflow Manager also allows you to centrally control common application functions such as Delegation and Approvers. This means if a key staff member calls in sick, or takes a holiday, you can delegate all their work from one place, across multiple applications.

  • All Workflow is document-based, i.e. you don’t need to add workflow to design elements.
  • Notes and Web enabled: both clients can use the same Workflow at the same time .
  • Supports Mobile Devices and xPages.
  • Calculates Workflow based on field values (e.g. Cost =, !=, <, >, contains etc), or values from other databases.
  • Automatically provides user buttons (Approve, Decline etc) and approval logic.
  • Allows you to start Workflow on other documents, e.g. Parent documents.
  • Allows you to create and start Workflow on new documents, e.g. Child documents.
  • Provides customisable emails.
  • Provides multiple Delegation options, including across multiple databases.
  • Provides multiple Escalation options.
  • Is fully customisable

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