Support Services

Support Services

The Gfi Support Centre serves medium & smaller sized companies that are relying highly on their IT infrastructure, but that are lacking the necessary capacity to manage their systems themselves.
With the Gfi Support Centre, companies contact a unique ServiceDesk that provides assistance on-site as well as over different channels such as phone or e-mail.

The managed platforms are covering the following vendors:

  • Lotus software
  • Websphere software (Portal)
  • Mobile Iron
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Office 365

Our services include infrastructure services as well as development services, and application housing/hosting.

Gfi global support infrastructure

As a part of the Gfi global infrastructure portfolio, the Gfi Support Centre offers Lotus Experts on-line (24x7, unit based). Gfi support is operating from 2 sites (BCP) fully equipped with EADS call-centre technology. 60 hot liners handle over 40000 calls a month. We offer application and technical assistance from level 1 to 3. Our support centers are ISO certified.

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