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The challenge: the added value of social software in a business context

Social tools are being incorporated into business software and according to Gartner, by 2016 all business software will have some kind of social tooling built-in. However, if you want to start using or evaluating social software tools today, you face:

  • investments in a new platform
  • it may be unclear yet how this can help your business
  • how to fit in social tools in existing business processes
  • you want to keep business related info within the boundaries of your company and yet leverage social software tools
  • needs to be integrated with your mail platform

Our approach

GFI wants to make the adoption of social software tools easier not only by supporting customers in the user adoption of the tools, but also in a flexible and very accessible implementation of the IBM Connections platform.

Gfi can build and integrate a Connections profiles and files environment on-premise as a fixed price solution; or if you need a quick and easy way to start using your Connections entitlement, then we can setup, integrate and run it for you.

For Domino customers, IBM allows you to use following components for free:

  • Profiles: allows you to establish a visual overview of the people working in your organization (who is who) and quickly find the people you need by searching across your organization using tags to identify expertise, current projects and responsibilities or based on qualities such as the person’s name, their organization, location, reporting structure, and interests
  • Files: allows you to upload and share files with others and add social context to them like tagging, recommendations and comments


While this solution is focused on the free entitlement to use Connections as part of your Domino licenses, we can also offer a full-blown Connections environment either integrated with Domino or Exchange.


We believe our solution stands out due to following reasons:

  • Our solution integrates with the existing Domino environment and leverages this investment
  • A social platform which is compatible with Domino as well as Exchange/Sharepoint
  • Compared to sharepoint, the files component adds social context to your uploads
  • Expert search and recommendations are part of profiles
  • Scalable and enterprise ready
  • For Domino customers, license is free and upgradeable to a full release of Connections

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