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Project Management

The challenge: enabling all participants

Traditional Project Management tools have a tendency to be rather complex and not straightforward to use. The members of a project are forced to adhere to the standards set by the tools or find if not possible to add the information in the toosl. So they start looking for ‘creative’ solutions. This in turn makes it more difficult for the project manager to get a good overview of everything that is haoppening.

Our approach

Projexec from Trilog offers complete enterprise project management capabilities for Quickr and Connections and includes a connector for Microsoft Project.

It adds the social component to the project management. Social Project Management is about people and empowers complete project teams to engage in the project management process, not only by sharing project information but also by building relationships between team members and stakeholders It is the embodiment of the social networking that now dominates the way people create connections and conduct conversations over the Internet, but now within a secured business environment.

The combination of rigorous project management functionality with social media such as the leading social software for business from IBM opens project participation up to all project team members, not just a project management team tasked with updating and managing plans and schedules. Whereas in the past a project team member might focus on the tasks assigned to her, but be unaware of wider project progress, a successful Social Project Management implementation motivates participants to actively engage in the project management process, work in their now familiar informal social paradigm, and take a stake in overall success.



We believe our solution stands out due to following reasons:

  • Project management for everyone: increase employee, partner, customer and stakeholder participation and engagement in the project; build important social relationships between project team members and project stakeholders to simplify and improve access to project expertise and knowledge
  • Engaging user experience: experience Facebook-like ease of use for the project environment without sacrificing the robustness of enterprise project management solutions using the innovative Project Wall – an informal social forum for project teams
  • Save time and money: significantly reduce project coordination and administration and lower project operational costs with a solution that packages the power of Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server within a solution that is far more affordable and cost effective; run within existing enterprise architecture and IT environment
  • Centralize and simplify: make all project communication readily accessible in real time or anytime across the social network with interactive micro-blogging for quick and easy updates that make status reporting intuitive and effortless
  • Improve productivity: bring the social project experience to the place where people work today in the enterprise social collaboration environment fully integrated with email, calendars, mobile devices and the tools people already use to accomplish work
  • Increase visibility: put project activities and related information within easy reach to enable organizations to KNOW what people DO and how successfully they are doing it
  • Improve communication and customer satisfaction: enable important connections that are instrumental to project success, increase discovery and awareness, reduce lag time between tasks, enhance stakeholder feedback and interaction

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