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The challenge: increase uptime of my environment

Domino environments are very stable systems which hardly require any day to day maintenance. This is very good in a way but an issue can build up over time without noticing it, and at one point this cumulation may result in server unresponsiveness or a crash. This same applies for your systems running on Websphere Application Server like Connections and Sametime. You may recognize that:

  • you are unaware of an issue until the system stops responding and users start complaining
  • troubleshooting requires you to recreate the issue, you miss crucial data prior to the halt/crash
  • you miss trending reports that would indicate a potential issue with the system
  • you are unable to provide clear reports on the health of the system

Our approach

Gfi is a partner of both Panagenda (Greenlight) and GSX (Monitor) which offer monitoring solutions for IBM Collaboration Software. Both products are quite similar in functionality but while GSX has a better allround integration, Panagenda Greenlight is better in data mining during runtime of the systems. Both products offer reporting on:

  • Server health and performance, displayed in a dashboard or detailed reports
  • Alerting on events
  • Mail and replication monitoring
  • Domino statistics reporting and trending (e.g. disk usage)
  • Uptime of the systems



We believe our solution stands out due to following reasons:

  • Each component has its own events escallation system e.g. DDM (Domino Domain Monitoring) while a single solution offers an allround integration with these products
  • Out-of-the-box configuration of events and probes to get you going fast
  • DDM offers good value when acting on issues that occured, a dedicated system allows you to act pro-actively; more options are at your disposal
  • Trending reporting can help reduce issues in the long run
  • Dashboard overview to act quickly
  • Cost-efficient cloud approach can be combined with our Gfi Service Desk

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