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Mobilize Applications

The challenge: mobilize your Domino applications

With the Lotus Notes platform being around for quite some time now, a lot of applications were developed for this client. We have seen a first shift in the way users accessing these applications from the Lotus Notes Client to the Browser interface. And with the ever increasing base of smartphone and tablet users, a second shift is taking place, this time offering the functionality of existing apps either via a mobile site or an app. But the smartphone also offers more options and functionalities (i.e. GPS location, sensors …).

Companies may have a number of questions related to this new technology:

  • what are my options to port existing applications to these devices
  • what is possible out-of-the-box with my IBM software?
  • how secure is my company information

Our approach

A number of options are available to port existing Domino applications onto mobile devices. In general, you need to consider whether you need online access to the information, or if you require offline access too. The first option is easier to implement, yet more expensive to run due to the data traffic charges. The last option requires tuned interfaces per design. iPhone/iPad applications work and feel differently compared to Windows Phone or Android and specific application development platforms per type exist. Following options are available:

  • fleetappBuild or tune a web interface in the conventional way using responsive design, information can be consulted online.
  • Modernize and mobilize your application using xPages, again information can be consulted online
  • Port your existing applications to mobile applications using third-party tools
  • Work with specific application development platform to make a custom, high-performing app

As a POC, Gfi has mobilized a list of fuel stations and shows them on a map with the ability to navigate. This project grew from an internal need and was developed using the XCode development platform for iOS.

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