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Mobile Collaboration

The challenge: stay connected to your information

Browsers and desktop clients were the traditional ways to gain access to information in the company. Today, smartphones and tablets are reshaping the way we allow employees to work with, and share information. They are much more flexible to use and have constant access to the information. However, due to their form factor and limitations in interaction, these devices may require trimmed-down and tuned interfaces for optimal functionality.

Companies may have a number of questions related to this new technology:

  • which devices should I buy?
  • what is possible out-of-the-box with my IBM software
  • how secure is my company information

Our approach

The IBM collaboration software portfolio comes with out-of-the-box options to support smartphones and tablets.

  • tablet-travelerLotus Traveler: is a free addon for your Domino server and supports mail, calendar and contact synchronization with your smartphone or tablet
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server is an extension provided by RiM to support your Blackberry devices on a Domino server
  • xPages extension library: is there if you want to mobilize your Lotus Notes applications
  • IBM Connections: comes with a free mobility client
  • IBM Sametime: comes with mobile clients that support chat and meeting services

All components are supported on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone and the feature set of the products is converging rapidly over the different platforms. GFI has the consultants to support you with the architectural requirements to support these devices, but we also have the know-how to modernize existing Notes applications using xPages and run them on your mobile devices.


We believe our solution stands out due to following reasons:

  • A number of components are free to use
  • Evolution towards a consistent set of features, independant of the mobile platform
  • IBM addresses security limitations which may be part of the mobile OS
  • Out-of-the-box components to integrate with the IBM collaboration tools, no third-party software
  • Tools are tuned for mobile device usage and specific by device

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