Managed Services

Creating a new environment faces companies with costs related to building it and then maintaining it: it’s more than just the hardware, the licenses, the installation and the upgrades. A lot of skills from the IT staff are also required to manage a very technical environment including a variety of software products, and to support users for a variety of issues.

This combination is particularly difficult in small to mid-sized companies where an in-depth technical expertise is required every day from a small team. Managed Services also offers a clearer view on the operational costs of your environment and it adapts itself quickly to new demands of the business.


Gfi has years of experience with IBM collaboration products and not only know which aspects we need to monitor, but also know how to act on them in an efficient way. As a customer, you can focus on the end-user and functional requirements of your IT infrastructure while you rely on the expertise of Gfi to monitor and maintain your servers.


One step further, the Gfi cloud solutions offers a very interesting approach with our personalized hybrid cloud offering. The Gfi cloud infrastructure is used today to support thousands of servers for a variety of customers. Our Gfi data centers are located in Europe and we work with local partners in case there is a need to keep your data within your own country.

By having a managed service offering, you as a customer have the advantage of having:

  • A clear pricing structure on the support of your environment
  • Monitoring of your environment
  • access to specialized consultants
  • Less issues in managing your own environment so no need for specialized IT staff; you can focus on functional requirements
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