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Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing

The challenge: communicating efficiently

e-mail has become the most important communication tool in todays business. It’s a great tool to communicate internally, with partners and customers and it allows you to file your information and trace back on the information that has been sent back and forth.

However, it is not always the most efficient way to communicate:

  • it’s not real-time but people perceive it that way
  • easy to loose track of pending issues
  • decisions can take a lot of time due to the time shift between recipients who read and answer mails
  • knowledge and documents live in the inbox

Our approach

Instant messaging is comparable to e-mail in a way that it allows you to send messages back and forth and keep track of them. However, it adds functionality to what you already have:

  • you can interact in real-time with someone that is online
  • location awareness
  • tight integration in your mail client
  • like e-mail, instant messaging is supported on mobile devices so you can be online all the time
  • telephony integration allows you to call a user just by acting on his name rather then to search for phone numbers

Web conferencing allows you to add value on top of your instant messaging environment by adding the ability to keep virtual online meetings.


It provides tools that help you present and work on projects to move faster in the decision process.

  • zero code download rich text instant messaging web client
  • tight integration in collaboration tools allows you to work and discuss documents or presentations in real-time
  • online web meetings prevent you from loosing time traveling, it even integrates with specialzed hardware for online meetings like Polycom has

As part of your Domino license, you can install Sametime Entry for free. This version allows you to use and integrate the chat and awareness components for free into Notes and iNotes. By using policies and managed settings, you can achieve single sign-on between Sametime and your Domino environment. Built-in features like location awareness and group chats are at your disposal.


We believe our solution stands out due to following reasons:

  • the basic chat and awareness components are free to use for Domino customers; entry level version that can be extended to more advanced versions of Sametime. More information can be found here:
  • enterprise ready system that integrates out of the box with IBM collaboration software

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