Offering – Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Public cloud is very cost efficient and offers a lot of integration right out-of-the-box. However, due to the ‘one fits all’ approach you may want to implement a cloud solution that better alligns with your own environment and business needs. You might require support for local applications or mix on-premise solutions with parts in the cloud.

E-mail and Calendaring

E-mail and calendar anywhere

  • Cloud-based e-mail
  • Share calendars and meetings
  • Mobile access
  • Browser and desktop clients

Get Social

Social collaboration

  • IBM Connections Files and profiles in the cloud
  • Online communities
  • Social analytics
  • Share instant messages
  • Have online meetings in the cloud
  • Team Collaboration

Custom Applications

We run your applications

  • xPages
  • IBM Domino applications
  • Microsoft Sharepoint applications

Local Storage

Unlike most cloud providers, Gfi is a 100% European organisation that guarantees the location of your data in Europe. When regulations or specific customer requirements impose storage within the country boundaries, we have partnerships with local providers. Our solution is specifically targetted to customers who are looking at cloud options with storage in Belgium or Luxemburg.


Gfi is proposing Secured and Managed collaboration services in a hybrid or private cloud approach. We can offer infrastructures and platforms as a service but present our customers with a true software as a service (SaaS) approach in the area of collaboration. We have references in both the IBM collaboration area as well as with Microsoft technology.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs. Systems running on-premise are converted to a cloud-based service and managed by us.


Gfi is a major European IT player with years of experience in managed services. Our own cloud capacity is supported by a fully-redundant and monitored environment in multiple datacenters. Currently, we manage over 6000 servers and offer a variety of services.

Addionally, Gfi BeLux is a leading IBM Premium Business partner in the belgian market and we have years of experience in collaboration software. Our people are certified in the more tradional areas of collaboration like IBM Domino and Quickr, as well as IBM Sametime and Connections which is the flag-ship product today. We can transform and migrate your IBM Collaboration Software environment to a cloud solution, bringing you all the benefits of cloud while still running your own applicationsw

We are also a Gold certified Cloud partner of Microsoft so we are well positioned to help you in those areas too

Data Centers

Our own data centers are categorized as Tier3+ and Tier4 and our local partners also offer this level of quality. The data centers are equiped with: UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), airconditioning, fire detection, temperature control and other safety systems. Our network infrastructure is redundant so failures in the network paths or any of the components automatically failover to other systems.

Our data centers are located in:

  • France: Anger, Lyon, Sophia-Antipolis, Nantes
  • Spain
  • Luxembourg: Gasperich, Windhof, Kayl
  • Belgium: Brussels


Our personalised approach allows a clear definition of the SLAs we are delivering to your organisation. We can offer basic or more advanced SLAs but also provide custom SLAs where high responsiveness is key.

Single point of contact

The Gfi Support center (servicedesk) is your single point of contact. We are available to answer your questions in Dutch, French or English and will escallate issues to the correct team. The initiation, follow up and communication of these issues always happens by Gfi.

Talk to us about your cloud plans

Whatever stage your cloud plans are at right now, we can help you in taking the right decision.

Contact us at:

tel.: +32 (0)16 38 11 38

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