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The challenge: control disk storage costs

Most companies want to control mailfile sizes. They start with an implementation of mailfile quotas to limit their growth, but soon you’ll need to look at ways to move your older – but still valuable – data to other, less expensive, systems. The Lotus Domino archiving policies are a first answer to this problem but it doesn’t address some key concerns:

  • easily find back documents with a search engine that searches both mailfile and archives
  • when offline, you want your archive offline to
  • integration with iNotes
  • tools which allow you to migrate and/or merge existing archives

Our approach

Gfi has selected IONet Archiver for the small to mid-market archiving solution. It addresses specific needs that exist in a Domino environment and delivers real added value on domains like search and iNotes integration.


Following graph shows a more general overview of benefits that can be achieved by archiving your mail.

Lotus Domino has built-in archiving options which are suitable for a generalized archiving solution focused on mail. IONet Archiver has added value on following elements:

  • better control of the archiving policies
  • more built-in options in archiving policies, combine different archiving criteria
  • better integration of search over the mailfile and archives
  • support for local archive replication
  • native integration of the archive in iNotes
  • archive migration tooling to migrate an existing situation
  • supports security changes in the archives

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